Fresh Additions

Youtube Channels Aggregator Script

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Easily build a Youtube-based video site quickly and easily. It is completely automatic! You can add categories and assign Youtube channels to them. Your site will be populated with videos from those channels you selected autom...

Scripteen Viral Photo Script

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Create your own viral funny pictures and videos site. Scripteen Viral Photo Script makes it easy for you to manage and display all the cool pictures and videos. Use this great script to earn money with user driven content....

Scripteen Classifieds Script

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Run your own localized free classified site in minutes with Scripteen Classifieds Script. Use Google AdSense or any other type of advertisements and start earning money with user driven content. ...

Scripteen Advantage

  • Simple and Easy Scripts Scripteen makes simple and easy to use web scripts that a beginner can use, or a advanced user can build on top of.
  • Help and Support Support and script updates for any web script that you download. Also access to our entire knowledgebase and user forums.
  • JQuery Integration Using JQuery to make our web scripts one step above the rest with interactive designs and user interfaces.
  • Smart New Scripts Monthly We are always adding new web scripts to our library on a monthly basis, and sometimes even on a weekly basis.

Affiliate Program

Make Money Join our affiliate program and make 25% of every sale you initiate. Create an Account to get started making easy money off of our web scripts!