WP Link Cloacker Free Plugin

Finally, You Can EAsily Hide Your Affiliate Links and Redirect Them With This WordPress Plugin. WP Link Cloacker Makes It SUPER Easy.

Important: This is a WordPress plugin that we are offering for FREE. The Paid option to the right will get you RESALE RIGHTS to this plugin. CLICK HERE to download this plugin.

- Redirect any post, page, category, tag or custom URL to a new, internal or external URL
- Hide or Redirect Using Keywords
- Full URL cloaking support
- Built-in statistics for redirect rules
- 100% SEO and referral links friendly
- Wildcard character (*) support for super-easy URL matching
- Works with and without permalinks
- Native WP GUI with in-line help
- Per-post options for easy rules editing

One of our Key differentiators is our exclusive "KEYWORD" driven technology that Hides, Cloaks, and Redirects customers while the Browser Address bar is still showing your Sites URL.

We include Seven (7) complete redirect types including the industry standard 301 and 302 redirects along with our exclusive "Keyword" Redirect with and without Cloaking.

How Does WP Link Cloacker Help Your Website?

- Create Vanity URLS – YourSite.com/Recommends-Affiliate-or-CPA Offer
- Hides or "CLOAKS" Referral URL's
- Redirects AND Cloaks using "Keywords" (Page or Post)
- Redirects Old or Broken URL's – Helpful for Proper SEO
- Easily Hides AND Cloaks Referral URL's (Visitors Still See Your Site Address In Address Bar)
- Have Multiple URL's point to The Same Content On Your Site (Great for Internal Cross Linking – Great SEO Benefit)
- Keeps Hijackers and Hackers From Stealing Your Valuable Affiliate Commissions