Ajax Photo Rating Script V2

Scripteen Ajax Photo Rating Script V2 is a web 2.0 photo rating script with Ajax magic and the powerful administration controls you will have fun managing a photo rating website whether it’s for funny photos or personal photos or celebrity photos.

Sites of this type are hot and viral and get traffic quickly and with the help of the features of this script you will not find troubles getting traffic and make money from cpm ads.

Script Features:

- HOT! Wordpress LIKE Easy Installer. - AJAX/jQuery STAR photo rating system.
- Homepage Slider with random photos
- Facebook Connect & Facebook Comments integrated!
- Ajax/Jquery Upload Progress Bar!
- Auto thumbnail generation on upload.
- Photo sharing link for every photo.
- “Top 5″ page to list most high photos.
- Membership : Users can register directly on site or using Facebook Connect!
- Secured rating system prevents votes from same IP.
- Secured upload page with real time filetype validation.
- Special file naming system that makes file names user/search engine friendly.
- Very user-friendly with colored error messages, form buttons, etc..
- AJAX/jQuery Forms Validation so the informations on forms are processed in real time with no page refresh.
- And plenty others.


Admin Features:

- Secured admin area with password & username easily configurable in config.php
- Manage website settings like Title, Ad Code, FB API Keys, .
- Manage website members.
- Upload photos via a zip folder which gets automatically extracted and inserted into db
- Manage photos (view/search/remove).

Notes for upgrading:

Those who want to upgrade from older versions please pack a ZIP archive of the folder "photos" and reupload via admin area. **All ratings & votes will be lost and taken from zero.


Regular LAMP Host Linux, Apache, PHP version 5 or higher, MySQL, mod_rewrite apache module enabled for friendly URL's generation.
Facebook API Key & Secret for membership registration via FB Connect (Free to obtain)


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