Fun Photo Script

This script is sold AS-IS. Please view/test the demo before purchasing.

Start your own photo manipulation website like Pizap. Add flowers, a beard, and many other objects to your current photos! This script is super easy for anyone to use, simply sign up and you can instantly start uploading photos to "crazify".

Script Features

  • Free account required to use website (reduces spam)
  • How the design process works:
    • User uploads a base image
    • User can add elements to their image
  • Drag and Drop elements
  • Expand / Shrink
  • Flip
  • Rotate
  • Add text with color / BOLD. Preset color palette will be provided for text.
  • User can preview image before they save the final version and publish.
  • Users can share their creation once they are done playing with it through EMAIL,TWITTER / FACEBOOK.
  • Can make their photo public or private.
  • Photos generated contain your website url to help bring in traffic
  • Star rating system

Admin Features

  • User management / creation
  • Easily add new photo elements for users to use (png or gif w/ transparent background)
  • Manage comments
  • Bulk emailer
  • Ad spot manager, just paste in your ad code through the admin panel.
    • Site has one 728x90 spot and two 300x250 spots
  • View/Delete creations on the website (to delete innapropriate images)

Demo User: user/user

ADMIN DEMO: Click here


PHP, MySQL, GD, Imagemagick


View Live Demo