Linkmize Script

Scripteen Linkmize Script (SLS) is a simple and feature rich short link script that has a sleek and friendly design with ajax power that will impress your visitors and is also backed with powerful admin backend.

Script Features:

- Cute and sleek design.
- SEO friendly urls.
- Ajax in the url form.
- Member registration system with email validation.
- Members can check number of clicks on their links.
- Members can see where clicks on their links are coming from (referrer tracking). (HOT)
- Members can search their links by full link or part of the link.
- Members can delete their own links.
- Pagination system for easy browsing.


Admin Features:

- Site stats in welcome page.
- Settings page to edit admin details.
- Link cleaner to delete inactive links.
- Browse/search/edit/delete links.
- Admin can Add new users from admin panel.
- Browse/search/edit/delete users with ability to disable users.
- Editing member profile shows links by this member.
- Ability to Browse/search/delete links.
- Ability to filter links (guest only – member only – all links).
- Pagination system for easy browsing.


PHP, MySQL, Mod_Rewrite


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