PaySocial Script

The PaySocial script allows for users to offer downloadable products for a tweet or facebook wall post.

The purpose of this script is to help people give out free products to grow their social network popularity. The script lets users do this by making downloaders post to their Facebook Wall or Twitter Status about the product before they can download it..

Script Features:

- Users can create & delete their own Buttons/Products
- Ajax based form
- Creation of regular links, image based links and BBCodes for forums
- Email sending with button details
- Shows Latest 20 buttons created
- Search all Products
- Automatically require Facebook Wall Post in order to make download available
- Automatically require Twitter Status Update in order to make download available

Admin Features:

- Browse / Delete Products
- Pagination system for easy browsing

Attention : Facebook requires a SSL certificate in order for this script API to work. Use it only if you have a HTTPS://


PHP5, MySQL, Apache Web Server, Facebook/Twitter API Keys (free)


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