Scripteen Scripterest script allows you to share interests via images.


- Show homepage pins for guests (all - latest sorted by likes & date)
- Show homepage pins for logged in users (only from following people - latest sorted by likes & date)
- Show pins by board
- Show user boards
- Show user pins
- Show popular pins (most liked)
- Search pins
- Show video pins
- Membership (register/login/update profile/lost password)
- User profile
--- User Boards
--- User Pins
--- User followers
--- Whom user is following
--- User likes
- Users can Create/Edit/Delete boards
- Upload pin by File (resize into two thumbs : small and large)
- Upload pin by direct image URL (the same resizing process as file upload)
- Upload pin by SCANNING remote URL
- Upload video pins (youtube)
- "Single Pin" thick box (modal window) and full page versions (full page useful for linking)
- Social buttons
- Users can like a pin
- Users can also repin a pin posted by someone else
- Users can remove their own pins


Regular Cpanel Linux Hosting with at least php 5.1 and mod_rewrite support.


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