Scripts Directory

Scripteen Scripts Directory allows you to run a web applications directory and earn money out of it, just like ScriptCopy.

Front End Features

- scripts by categories listings
- search between all scripts
- submit script with captcha to prevent spam submissions
- featured, premium, banners scripts to enable money making. All automated with PayPal
- newsletter subscribing/unsubscribing
- commenting on scripts listings powered by Disqus
- contact form to email
- about/services pages updatable via admin panel

Admin Area features

- view/approve/remove scripts
- add/delete categories
- view newsletters subscribers
- send mass newsletters
- manage about/services pages with WYSIWYG editor
- manage advertising prices
- view/delete/approve adverts
- update paypal email and contact form email


Regular LAMP (linux apache mysql php) with php v.5X or higher, mod_rewrite, cURL and cronjobs


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