Temporary URL Shortener

Scripteen Temporary URL Shortener allows your users to create nice shortened links which will expire in a specified time (in days/hours).

Front-end Features

- show advertising for a number of seconds before redirecting to destination URL (make money)

- jQuery/AJAX Based form for shortening links

- show direct link, bbcode for forums and html tags for generated shortened URL

- FAQ/Advertise pages (content via admin panel's CMS)

- nice contact form to email (email configurable via admin panel)

Admin area features

- manage sidebar ad codes (insert adsense, buysellads or pure html codes)

- CMS for FAQ/Advertise pages with WYSIWYG editor

- setup the number of seconds before redirecting to final URL

- view / remove generated URL's and their expiry date

- setup maxmium number of days a user can shorten a link for

- manage html ad codes for the "landing page" (the page showing advertising before redirecting)

- update contact form destination email



Regular LAMP (linux, apache, mysql, php) server with : -cURL enabled -mod_rewrite apache module enabled -php version 5.X or higher


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