Twitter Fair Follow Script

Our unfollow script lets you easily unfollow people on Twitter that aren\'t following you back. Users sign in with Twitter and the system automatically fetches the users who are followed by they don't follow back.

Script Features

- Sign In with Twitter.Com Account
- Earn Money by charging for featured users
- Free / Premium users with daily unfollow limit
- System fetches the list of your followers and friends
- Then, in an organized way filters those who don't follow back
- Users can choose which users from the returned list to Unfollow
- Using jQuery for user-friendly interface
- Fetching non-followers up to 100 at a time with AJAX
- Ajax Unfollowing
- And many more..

Admin Features

There is no admin area for such a script as there's nothing to administrate. You simply receive payments via paypal for the featured users and you can keep tracking from there directly.


A regular LAMP (linux, apache, mysql, php version 5.X) web server Twitter API Keys which can be obtained for free when creating an application


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