Viral Video Script

Start your own Viral Video site like with this script. This script let's you start recieving traffic in no time at all due to just how VIRAL it is.

How it works: In order for someone to view a video on the site, they must first share it on Facebook.

Front End Features

- SEO friendly URLs
- 100% Unencrypted source code.
- Easily customizable.
- Designed with HTML 5.
- Professional Web 2.0 look
- 2 Featured videos on homepage
- 20 Recent videos on homepage
- 10 Popular videos on homepage (Based on views)
- Share to Watch™ (Users must share in Facebook before watch)
- Facebook comments
- Facebook iLike social share button
- Google + 1 social share button

Admin Features

- Upload logo directly from admin panel
- Add Meta tags and Meta description directly from admin panel
- Add Facebook Page, Twitter and Facebook App ID directly from admin panel
- Add/Manage categories (Unlimited categories)
- Add/Manage videos
- Add videos by Youtube URL
- Add videos by Youtube Search (Using Youtube API) directly from admin panel
- Update ads (Google Adsense/HTML Javascript based ads) directly from admin panel
- Admin login update
- Manage pages (DMCA, Contact us, Terms and Conditions, Privacy) using WYSIWYG Editor
- Ajax based admin panel
- You don’t need to touch the code to do 99% of the things after you install this script.

NOTE: Some hosts with mod security enabled may give you issues with this script. To fix any issues you can contact your host with regard to rules 1234234 and 340162 or add the following to your mod security config:
SecRuleRemoveById 1234234
SecRuleRemoveById 340162


PHP, MySQL, ModRewrite, cURL


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