WP Lock Tight

Don't let your blog get hacked. This happens to thousands of blogs EVERY DAY and most of them aren't even aware of it. Here's a perfect example of what you DO NOT want to see when you search for your site in Google:

Five Good Reasons to Buy WP Lock Tight:

1. We'll Show You Simple ways to "LOCK" down your WordPress BLOG tighter than a "BANK" Vault!
2. We will give You ALL of the "Security" Plugins we use on Each of Our BLOGS for FREE!
3. We've recorded Everything in Industry Standard H.264 MP4 Format!
4. You'll Receive Our Security Script, WP-Padlock (Lock Down WordPress Like Fort Knox!)
5. Works on Older Versions of WordPress with Known Security Vulnerabilities! Hackproof Older Sites without Upgrading...