WP Signup To Unlock

WP Signup to Unlock is a wordpress plugin which helps you gain more signups to your wp membership site by "locking" parts of the content you choose.

The plugin asks an user to signup and login if they want to see the rest of the page content

WP Signup To Unlock Plugin Features

- ads a shortcode for you [wp_signup_to_read]content[/wp_signup_to_read] which “hides” the content for non logged in website guests.
- by default integrated with wordpress standard membership system but can easily be integrated with any other plugin by replacing one line of code.
- configure Signup Link style which guests see : basic text anchor or image/button
- configure signup link destination : standard wp register link or custom
- Anchor ext (can be in your own language) if basic text anchor is chosen
- Upload button/image file
- Message (can be in your own language) which guests will see to encourage joining your website before being able to see the rest of the content


WP 3.0.X => 3.5.X


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